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Vision Researchers Receive at Least $230M from ARRA/DOD Funding
NEI Awards 333 ARRA Grants. Click Here for More Information

NAEVR Announces Release of
The Silver Book®: Vision Loss
Volume II

NAEVR Supports World Glaucoma Week

NAEVR Participates in White House Conference on Aging

Serving as Friends of the National Eye Institute

AEVR Recognizes July 2018 as Dry Eye Awareness Month

Breaking News

NAEVR Commends House for FY2019 NIH Funding Increase but Expresses Concern about an NEI Increase That is Less Than Inflation

House LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee Approves FY2019 Spending Bill that Includes $1.25 Billion NIH Increase, Less-Than-Inflation Increase for NEI

Vision Communiity Refocuses on July as Dry Eye Awareness Month with Impact of Major Study to be Explained at Congressional Briefing

House and Senate Adopt FY2019 302(b) Allocations, Setting the Spending Limits For Each of the Twelve Appropriations Bills

NAEVR Submits FY2019 Testimony to Senate Appropriators Requesting At Least $39.3 B in NIH, $800 M in NEI Funding

In Senate Hearing, NIH Director Collins Recognizes Importance of Training the Next Generation of Scientists

NAEVR Submits FY2019 Testimony to House Appropriators Requesting At Least $39.3 B in NIH, $800 M in NEI Funding

In House Hearing, NIH Director Collins Details How the $ 3 Billion FY2018 NIH Increase Will Support Programs, Addresses Trump Administration FY2019 Proposed Budget

NAEVR Announces Advocacy and Educational Opportunities at the 2018 ARVO Annual Meeting

NAEVR Releases Winter-Spring 2018 Contributor Report

NAEVR Commends Congress for Passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 with Robust NIH and NEI Funding Increases

Vision Community on Hill as Congress Passes FY2018 Omnibus Spending Bill

NEI Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with a Congressional Reception

House and Senate Pass FY2018 Omnibus Spending Bill That Increases NIH Funding by $3 B, NEI by $41 M

NAEVR Releases Requests to Congress for FY2019 NIH/NEI and DOD's Vision Research Program Funding

NAEVR Supports Ad Hoc Group for Medical Research Statement on President's FY2019 Budget: "Provide Meaningful Funding Increases Above Inflation Within the Base NIH Budget"

President Issues FY2019 Budget and Addendum That Funds NIH Below What Congress Has Proposed for FY2018, Cuts NEI Funding

NAEVR Commends Congress for Passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 that Increases FY2018 and 2019 Discretionary Spending Caps

President Signs Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 That Extends FY2018 Government Funding to March 23 and Increases Discretionary Spending Caps for FY2018 and 2019

AEVR Announces March 2018 Congressional Briefings on Glaucoma and Defense-Related Vision Research

President Signs Fourth FY2018 Continuing Resolution Which Funds the Government Through February 8, 2018

President Signs Third FY2018 Continuing Resolution Whic Funds the Government Through January 19, 2018

Congress Begins Work on Third Continuing Resolution for FY2018 that would Fully Fund the Department of Defense

President Signs Short-Term Continuing Resolution to December 22

NAEVR Releases Fall 2017 Contributor Report

NIH Announces Fourth Round of BRAIN Initiative Awards, Vision Research Receives Significant Funding

AEVR Announces First-Ever Keratoconus Congressional Briefing Recognizing National Keratoconus Day 2017

NAEVR to Host Contact Congress Booth at American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting in Chicago

House Passes “Octobus” FY2018 Funding Legislation that Combines Eight Remaining Appropriations Bills

NAEVR Commends Senate Appropriators for Proposed FY2018 $2 Billion NIH Increase, $26 Million NEI Increase

Senate Appropriations Committee Passes FY2018 Funding Bill that Includes a $2 B NIH Increase, NEI Funding

President Signs Continuing Resolution To Fund Government as FY2018 Begins, also Raises Debt Ceiling and Includes Emergency Supplemental Hurricane Funds

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News Items

The National Eye Institute (NEI) within the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is responsible for funding sight-saving and sight-restoring vision research. The annual cost for vision disorders/blindness in the United States is $145 billion. Direct medical costs associated with vision disorders are the fifth highest-only less than heart disease, cancers, emotional disorders, and pulmonary conditions. Adequately funding vision research is vital due to the following:
  • NEI’s FY2017 funding of $733 million is still less than 0.5 percent of the $145 billion annual cost of vision disorders. The U.S. is only spending $2.20 per-person, per-year for vision research, while the cost of treating low vision and blindness is $6,680 per-person, per-year

  • Vision loss can be a co-morbid condition of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, which is at epidemic levels due to the increased incidence of obesity.

  • In public opinion polls over the past fifty years, including a 2014 poll reflecting all four major racial/ethnic groups in the U.S., Americans have identified fear of vision loss as second only to fear of cancer-and for which they would trade remaining years of life to avoid.


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NAEVR in Action

Researchers Thank Congress for FY2018 NIH/NEI Funding Increases, Urge Sustained Increase for FY2019

  NAEVR Defense Funding Session Features New DOD Vision Program Manager, Insights into the FY2018 Program Announcement

DOD Funded Researcher Examines Whole Eye Transplantation

Vision Community on Hill as Congress Passes FY2018 Omnibus Spending Bill

NEI Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with a Congressional Reception

AEVR Congressional Briefing Focuses on Customizing Glaucoma Treatments

ARVO Advocates Urge NIH/NEI Funding Increases within Hours of Congress Passing a Budget Deal

AEVR and NAEVR Support Release of Published ARVO Study on the Value of OCT

  AEVR Hosts First-Ever World Keratoconus Day Congressional Briefing Featuring Research into Novel Treatments

  World Sight Day 2017 Congressional Briefing Examines the Relationships Between Vision Impairment and Cognitive Decline

  AEVR/NAEVR Host Third Annual Emerging Vision Scientists Day Events on Capitol Hill

  International Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness Week Congressional Briefing: Retinal Regeneration and Stem Cell Therapy

  Vision Community Recognizes July as Dry Eye Awareness Month with a Capitol Hill Briefing, Screening, and Poster Session

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