Contributor Reports

Welcome to NAEVR’s Legislative Update Center, where you can learn about NAEVR’s advocacy and AEVR’s educational activities in support of adequate federal funding for eye and vision research. Click here to read the NAEVR/AEVR Contributor Report.

Contributor Reports

NAEVR Releases Fall 2023 Contributor Report

President’s Message NAEVR Legislative Update AEVR Emerging Vision Scientists Capitol Hill Reception Emerging Vision Scientists Advocacy Day AEVR’s AMD Week Congressional Briefing AEVR Hosts Congressional Briefing on Myopia NAEVR/AEVR Members Full Report

NAEVR Releases Summer 2023 Contributor Report

President's Message NAEVR Legislative Report NAEVR at the ARVO Annual Meeting AEVR Rare Eye Disease Congressional Briefing AEVR Dry Eye Disease Congressional Briefing Full Report

NAEVR Releases Winter/Spring 2023 Contributor Report

President's Message NAEVR Legislative Update House and Senate FY2024 Update Defense-Related Vision Funding ARPA-H Research Saving Sight, Restoring Vision Initiative: World Glaucoma Week Congressional Briefing Emerging Vision Scientists Program Full Report