Legislative Updates

DOD’s Vision Research Program Releases FY2017 Program Announcement with $15 Million in Funding Available

Legislative Update
May 15, 2017

Today, the Department of Defense’s (DOD) Vision Research Program (VRP) released its Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 Program Announcement—about two weeks after President Trump signed the FY2017 Omnibus Appropriations bill that included $15 million in VRP funding.

FY2017 reflects the first fiscal year in which the VRP has been funded at the $15 million level—$5 million greater than the $10 million level in each fiscal years 2013-2016. The VRP is one of the DOD Medical Research Programs in the Congressionally-directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), the agency which manages a large number of research initiatives addressing a wide range of medical conditions and injuries.

As in the FY2015/2016 funding cycle, the FY2017 program includes funding under two distinct mechanisms—Clinical Trial Awards (CTA), with funding up to $5.25 million total of direct and indirect costs, and Technology/Therapeutic Development Awards (TTDA), with funding up to $2.1 million total of direct and indirect costs.

The deadline for submitting a pre-proposal is July 12, 2017, with full applications due October 25, 2017.

More information about the FY2017 VRP funding opportunity is available on the CDMRP Web site.