DOD Issues PRMRP Funding Opportunities Notice with Pre-application (june 4) and Proposal (july 2) Deadlines

DOD Issues PRMRP Funding Opportunities Notice With
Pre-application (June 4) and Proposal (July 2) Deadlines

Legislative Update
March 28, 2008

Today, the Department of Defense (DOD) released a notice on its Web site for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) funding opportunities in the 21 areas of eligible research, which includes eye and vision research, for a funding total of $50 million in this program. The notice states that:

  • The pre-application submission deadline is June 4, 2008, and the proposal deadline is July 2, 2008.
  • The award mechanisms are structured differently than in the FY2006 announcement—that is, a combination of basic research through Investigator-initiated Research Awards and translational research through Translation Research Awards, Advanced Technology/Therapeutic Development Awards, and Clinical Trial Awards.

Interested investigators should note the following:

  • NAEVR’s current request for vision research’s continued eligibility in FY2009 DOD/PRMRP funding provides illustrative examples of potential eye and vision research topics in the areas of: Eye Trauma, Healing and Infection; and Rehabilitation; Visual Function/Visual Acuity (including Traumatic Brain Injury); and Vision Health Disparities.
  • In FY2006, the last year in which this program was funded (vision was listed in FY2007, but the program was not funded in that appropriations cycle), vision researchers submitted 52 grant requests, or 8 percent of the 651 total grants submitted, and were awarded 7 grants out of the 51 issued, for a funding total of $6.3 million or 12 percent.
  • Examples of FY2006 vision awards included: corneal healing, as well as ways to improve corneal transplantation by regulating the lymphatic pathway servicing the cornea; corneal wound infection control; laser injuries; and support for ongoing work on a “Retinal Implant” to restore vision through electronic stimulation of the retina.

Researchers should note that, in the FY2006 funding cycle, final awards were issued through September 2007, after the DOD negotiated award amounts with investigators and determined that sufficient funds were available for high-scoring grant submissions on an “alternates” list.

Contact NAEVR’s David Epstein at [email protected] to be added to NAEVR’s contact list for all DOD/PRMRP updates.