DOD Announces New Funding Source for Eye and Vision Research

DOD Announces New Funding Source for Eye and Vision Research

Legislative Update
February 23, 2011

The United States Army’s Medical Research and Material Command has issued its Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Extramural Research, and ‘Vision Restoration and Rehabilitation’ is included in the areas of interest under the Clinical and Rehabilitative Medicine Research Program (CRMRP).

In addition, the Military Operational Medicine Research Program (MOMRP) is interested in research into technologies to prevent and mitigate injury to troops in combat, including the prevention of ‘vision and hearing loss along with blast-related injuries’.

The link to the Broad Agency Announcement, and all supporting documents, is available here.

Important to note is that this is a continuously open announcement – preproposals and full proposals may be submitted and will be evaluated at any time throughout the year.

At this time, neither the number of awards or the total funding for the program has not been determined.

Researchers who have a project that they believe might be of interest to this program are strongly encouraged to download the BAA read it closely for full information on the two areas of research mentioned above, as well as details on the process for submitting a project proposal.