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Federal Government Shutdown Ends

Legislative Update
October 17, 2013

Early this morning, after the House and Senate passed legislation that ends the 16 day government shutdown, President Obama signed the bill, resolving the impasse. Federal workers are expected to return to work today.

Late Wednesday evening, the Senate passed the bill (H.R. 2775) by a vote of 81-18, followed by the House passing the bill by a vote of 285 to144. The legislation, which only funds the government through January 15, 2014, sets spending at the same level as Fiscal Year 2013, which includes the sequester cuts.

In the hope of avoiding another impasse next January, the bill establishes a ‘super-committee’ – a bipartisan, bicameral conference committee which is charged with finalizing FY2014 spending before the January 15 deadline.

The bill also extends the debt ceiling, which permits the government to borrow money, until February 7.