Senate Passes Short-term CRs to Fund Government As FY2012 Begins

Senate Passes Short-Term CRs to Fund Government as FY2012 Begins

Legislative Update
September 27, 2011

On September 26, the Senate passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the government as Fiscal Year (FY) 2012 begins on October 1 and FY2012 appropriations bills have not yet been finalized. The CR funds the government at the FY2011 level until November 18, just a few days before the “Super Committee” is expected to issue its recommendations regarding deficit reduction. Since the House is out on recess, it won’t be able to act on the CR until next week. Consequently, the Senate also passed a short-term week-long CR expected to be approved in a special “voice vote” session of the House this week with just a few Members in attendance prior to the full House taking up the longer-term CR next week. The CR reflects a compromise, with the Senate agreeing to $2.5 billion in disaster aid which does not have to be offset by spending cuts to energy-efficient and renewable energy loan guarantee programs, as was being pressed by Republicans.