Continuing Resolution (CR) at the FY2015 Level Minus 0.21 Percent Through December 11, 2015

President Signs Short-Term Continuing Resolution; Government Funded Through December 11

Legislative Update
September 30, 2015


Late Wednesday evening, the House of Representatives passed the CR by a vote of 277-151, and President Obama signed the bill before midnight, thereby averting a government shutdown. This follows the action described below.

Today, the Senate passed, by a 78-20 vote, a Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Continuing Resolution (CR), just a day before a looming shutdown of the federal government. It has sent the legislation to the House, where its passage seems likely in the wake of House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) announcement last week that he will retire as Speaker at the end of October. His retirement is seen as helping smooth passage of the bill, H.R. 719, as he has stated that he would support passage of a ‘clean’ CR, meaning one that is free of any controversial policy riders that would complicate its approval by the House and signature by President Obama. The House is expected to take up the measure today, and President Obama has already indicated that he will sign the bill.

The bill funds the government at the FY2015 level, minus an across-the-board 0.21 percent cut mandated by the Budget Control Act, through December 11, therefore requiring that Congress take action to finalize FY2016 appropriations before the CR expires.