All Provisions in the Previous CR, Including the Prohibition on Modifying NIH Support for Facilities and Administrative Expenses (F&A), Remain in Effect.

President Signs Continuing Resolution To Fund Government as FY2018 Begins, also Raises Debt Ceiling and Includes Emergency Supplemental Hurricane Funds

Legislative Update
September 7, 2017

Update: Friday afternoon, President Trump signed the FY2018 Continuing Resolution.

Update: Friday morning, the House of Representatives approved the bill by a vote of 316 to 90. The bill now goes to the White House for the expected signature by the President.

Update: Late Thursday afternoon, the Senate approved the bill by a vote of 80 to 17. The bill now goes to the House, where it is expected to pass despite opposition from fiscal conservatives.

As announced by the Senate Appropriations Committee on September 6, the Senate is expected to take up legislation this week to provide initial emergency supplemental funding for the federal response to disasters caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, raise the debt ceiling to allow the United States to meet its fiscal obligations, and assure the continued operation of the federal government through December 8, 2017. The legislation includes:

If Congress passes this legislation, it means that it must take action to increase the debt ceiling and finalize FY2018 appropriations in the December timeframe—unless it passes another short-term CR or a full-year FY2018 CR. There is growing support for a bipartisan budget deal that would raise the Budget Control Act caps to finalize FY2018 appropriations and address other major funding policy issues