AEVR Authors Foreword on Fifty Years of NEI Accomplishments For USA Today Vision and Hearing Supplement

The September 27 edition of USA Today included a special Vision and Hearing supplement that featured a foreword authored by AEVR President Peter McDonnell, MD (Wilmer Eye Institute/Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine) which described advances in vision research during the National Eye Institute's (NEI) 50-year history.

Issued as both a hard copy supplement and as a Web posting, the foreword was accompanied by a banner ad that highlights AEVR's role as the Friends of the National Eye Institute.”

The supplement includes an article, authored by AEVR member organization American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) President Chip Goering, entitled Living with Age-Related Macular Degeneration. AMDF served as a co-sponsor for AEVR's September 27 International AMD Awareness Week 2018 Congressional Briefing, and Mr. Goering, along with other members of AMDF's leadership, conducted advocacy visits in the offices of Hill leadership in support of AEVR's message about the need for robust vision research funding.

Paul Karpecki, OD (Kentucky Eye Institute), who moderated the panel of presenters at AEVR's July 2017 Dry Eye Awareness Month Congressional Briefing, also contributed an article that answered commonly-asked questions about AMD.