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NAEVR Releases Winter/Spring 2009 Contributor Report

04/01/2009 -   President's Message Significant Developments in Defense-Related Vision Research Funding Legislative Scorecard Issues ARVO Researchers Support NIH/NEI Increase in January 23 Adv… Read More

NAEVR Releases Fall 2008 Contributor Report

10/01/2008 -   President's Message Signifcant Developments in Defense-Related Vision Research Funding Legislative Scorecard Issues; Champions Emphasize Power of Medical Research to Stimulate Econo… Read More

NAEVR Releases Summer 2008 Contributor Report

08/01/2008 -   President's Message Members of Congress, NIH and NEI Directors Recognize AEVR/NAEVR Legislative Scorecard Issues; Congress Acts to Supplement FY2008 NIH Appropriations, Increase FY … Read More

NAEVR Releases Spring 2008 Contributor Report

04/01/2008 -   President's Message Legislative Scorecard: Advocacy Community Urges NIH Increase as House and Senate Pass FY2009 Budget Resolutions and Begin Appropriations Hearings Research!Americ… Read More

NAEVR Releases Winter 2008 Contributor Report

02/01/2008 -   President's Message In March, Glaucoma Awareness and Research Take Center Stage on Capitol Hill, the NIH Campus, and Throughout the World NAEVR Scorecared Issues In a January 2… Read More

NAEVR Releases Fall 2007 Contributor Report

10/01/2007 -   President's Message NEI Trans-Institute Research Praised, Vision Community Represented in Initial Meeting of Council to Guide NIH Common Fund Congress Fails to Override Presidential… Read More

NAEVR Releases Summer 2007 Contributor Report

08/01/2007 -   President's Message ARVO Advocacy Crucial to a Strong Vision Community Voice Making a Difference: One Researcher's Story NAEVR Scorecard Issues NEI Director Testifies Befo… Read More

NAEVR Releases Spring 2007 Contributor Report

05/01/2007 -   President's Message At House Hearing, Vision Community Testifies, Requests FY2008 NIH and NEI Funding Increase of 6.7 Percent to $31 Billion and $711 Million, Respectively Senate an… Read More

NAEVR Releases Winter 2007 Contributor Report

02/01/2007 -   President's Message ARVO Researchers Emphasize Amount and Timeliness of NIH/NEI Appropriations in Advocacy Day 109th Congress Passes NIH Reauthorization Legislation 109th Congr… Read More

NAEVR Releases Fall 2006 Contributor Report

10/01/2006 -   President's Message House Passes NIH Reauthorization Bill; Senate Timetable Uncertain NAEVR Advocates for FY2007 DOD Vision Research as FY2006 Awards Announced NIH Funded at FY… Read More

NAEVR Releases Summer 2006 Contributor Report

08/01/2006 -   President's Message Dr. Peter McDonnell Testifies about Missed Opportunities in Vision Research Chairman Barton Keeps NIH Reauthorization a Priority, Plans July Draft "Anything… Read More

NAEVR Releases Spring 2006 Contributor Report

05/01/2006 -   President's Message NAEVR Engages Capitol Hill Staff and Network Members in Events Celebrating Vision Research and Advocacy NIH Reauthorization a Priority, per Chairman Barton … Read More

NAEVR Releases Winter 2006 Contributor Report

02/01/2006 -   President's Message Despite NIH Reauthorization Stalling, NAEVR Voices Opposition to Budget Clusters Congress Finalizes FY2006 LHHS Appropriations with Net Negative for NIH/NEI … Read More

NAEVR Releases Fall 2005 Contributor Report

10/01/2005 -   President's Message   ARVO Leaders First to Thank Senate for Increased FY2006 NIH/NEI Funding in its Bill   NAEVR "Scorecard" on Legislative Issues   Other Scorecard Issues   … Read More

NAEVR Issues Spring and Summer 2005 NAEVR/AEVR Contributor Report

06/01/2005 -   President's Message   ARVO Annual Meeting   AEVR Briefing Features NEI-Funded Research to Improve Detection Techniques for Glaucoma   House NIH Reauthorization Bill Expected in S… Read More

NAEVR Releases Winter 2005 Contributor Report

02/01/2005 -   President's Message   NAEVR Worlks Closely with Contributors and Coalition Partners in Advocacy   NIH Director Zerhouni Testifies Before the House LHHS and Appropriations and Energy … Read More

NAEVR Releases Fall 2004 Contributor Report

10/01/2004 -   President's Message   ARVO Members Key to Capitol Hill Advocacy   Congress Passes FY2005 Spending Bill with Increase for Medical Research Funding   Research!America Releases Ne… Read More

NAEVR Releases Spring 2004 Contributor Report

04/01/2004 -   President's Message   Hearings Put NIH-and Vision Issues-in the spotlight   Markups Begin Despite No Budget Resolution   Advocacy an Integral Part of ARVO's Annual Meeting  … Read More

NAEVR Releases Winter 2004 Contributor Report

02/01/2004 -   President's Message FY2004 Appropriations Pass FY2005 Budget Process Begins NAEVR Requests $711 Million for NEI ARVO Lobby Days Expand Capitol Hill Presence NAEVR Meets w… Read More

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