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FY2015 Vision Research Program Abstracts

Dr. Gere DiZerega, Clinical Safety Evaluation of USB005 for Treatment of Traumatic Corneal Lacerations

Dr. Rajashekhar Gangaraju, Adipose-Derived Stem Cells Alleviate Visual Deficits in Blast Injury

Dr. Wilson Heriot, Retinal Detachment Repair Without Tamponade by Thermofusion of the Retina and RPE for Rapid Vision Restoration and Safe Air Transport

Dr. Joseph Izatt, OCT Technology Development to Assess Ocular Integrity and Characterize Intraocular Scatterers

Dr. Rajendra Kumar-Singh, Rapid Delivery of Protein Therapeutics into Retinal and Corneal Cells Following Intravitreal Injection

Dr. Noorjahan Panjwani, Development of a Small Molecule Drug Targeting Galectin-3 to Prevent Neovascularization and Fibrosis of Ocular Tissues

Dr. Monte Radeke, Treatment Strategies for Blinding Combat Retinal Injury Employing Combinatorial Therapeutics