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FY2011-2012 Vision Research Program Abstracts

To maximize the funds available for research, the FY2011 and FY2012 Congressional appropriations for the Vision Research Program were combined, and 21 grants were selected for funding. The abstracts are listed below.

Dr. Kenneth Ciuffreda, Treatment of TBI Induced Oculomotor Dysfunction

Dr. Brittany Coats, Temporary Progression of Closed Globe Injury from Blast Exposure

Dr. James DeMar, Ameliorate Effects of Blast Pressure on the Eye and Brain

Dr. Cintia De Paiva, Programmable Micro Wafer Drug Delivery for Ocular Trauma

Dr. Eldon Geisert, Genetic Networks Activated by Blast Injury to the Eye

Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, Enhancing Optic Nerve Regeneration after Trauma

Dr. Walter Gray, Sub Lethal Ocular Trauma

Dr. Andrew Hartwick, Retinal Ganglion Cell Photoreceptors in TBI Patients with Photophobia

Dr. Mark Humayun, Thermo Responsive Patch for Ocular Trauma

Dr. Pavel Iserovich, Pharmalogical Treatment for Combat Traumatic Optic Neuropathy

Dr. Michael Iuvone, TrkB Activators for the Treatment of Traumatic Vision Loss

Dr. Joseph Izatt, Field Deployable OCT for Triage of Ocular Trauma

Dr. David Krizaj, Characterization of Molecular Mechanism of Ocular Blast Trauma

Dr. Rajendra Kumar-Singh, Platform for Rapid Delivery of Biologics and Drugs to Ocular Cells and Tissues following Trauma

Dr. Andrew MacKay, Treatment of Cornea Using Transcytotic Delivery in the Tear Film

Dr. Sheila Nirenberg, Retinal Prosthetic with Capacity to Produce Normal Vision

Dr. Daniel Palanker, Restoration of the Retinal Structure and Function after Injury

Dr. Kevin Park, Approaches to Repair Visual System after Optic Nerve Damage

Dr. Jena Steinle, Novel Drug Prevents Retinal Inflammatory Mediators and Apoptosis

Dr. Philip Troyk, Implantation of an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis

Dr. Shaomei Wang, Non Invasive Cell Based Therapy for Traumatic Optic Neuropathy